Corner Seam Welding Machines CORNERWELD DUCT

CORNERWELD DUCT corner seam welding machines are used for welding sheet metal corner edges at a 90° Degree angle.

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CORNERWELD DUCT corner seam welding machines are used for welding sheet metal corner edges at a 90°Degree angle. The precision clamping system comes complete with incorporated cooling and gas supply. High quality welding results are achieved by controlling the full welding cycle with a reliable and user friendly control system.

The machine models have a maximum weld length of up to 1600 mm. The maximum inward return flange length on one side can be 6 mm. Furthermore, the outward return flange length on one side can be up to 20 mm in height.

Welding of gas-tight ventilation ducts at standards of DIN-EN 1505 and 1507 with double sided flanges of up to 40 mm in height can be achieved using the variable clamping system with Special Mandrel lift and Angled Clamping Jaws.

Common CORNERWELD Duct applications include housings made of Stainless Steel for catering industries as well as hygiene and laboratory furniture.


Technical Data






Welding length up to

900 mm

1100 mm

1300 mm

1600 mm

Component dimensions min.

80 x 80 mm2

90 x 90 mm2

100 x 100 mm2 120 x 120 mm2

Component dimensions max.

900 x 900 mm2

Clamping height above ground

1220 mm

Material Type

Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum

Material Thickness

0,5 mm – 3,0 mm

Inward return flange max.

6 mm

Outward return flange max.

20 mm

Internal clamping Tool

Hard Wearing Copper (CuCrZr), Stainless Steel (Option)

Clamping Finger

Hard Wearing Copper (CuCrZr), Stainless Steel (Option)

Clamping System

Pneumatic, Pre-clamp feature

Arc Length

Constant (over whole welding length)

Welding process

TIG, Plasma, TIG or Plasma with cold wire feed

Welding direction

Free selectable


Torch Gas, Backing Gas and Trailing Gas

Cooling Circuit

Mandrel and Torch


Siemens S7-ET 200S

Operator Panel

Siemens Comfort-Panel 7,0“ Touch operation


Siemens Simodrive Posmo   

Welding Interface

Robot Interface, Profibus


CE-Mark or UL-Standard (Option)

Electric Supply/Input

400/230 Volt / 3 / N / PE 50 Hz

Air Supply

6 bar, Dry, Filtered

Ambient Temperature

+ 10°C until + 35°C


RAL 4006 / 7015 or to customer requirements




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