The X model series stands for top quality with maximum flexibility. The universally applicable LINEARWELD X longitudinal seam welding machine offers perfect welding results and unrivaled efficiency. Top quality, simple operation and high speeds characterize the LINEARWELD machine type.

The smartest way to weld

"Intelligence Meets Precision: Elevate Your Welding Game with Generation neXt."



Available parameters and options for influencing the welding process

Data storage


More storage capacity

Search and sort functions



Intuitive haptics with fully visualized process guidance

High-quality look & feel

Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0 ready

OPC UA Server & Client function

AI (artificial intelligence) parameter control



More PLC power

i/O Link - intelligent sensor technology

Different sizes, different needs

Machine capacities

LW X 200

L: up to 220 mm

Ø: down to 35 mm

LW X 300

L: up to 320 mm

Ø: down to 40 mm

LW X 400

L: up to 420 mm

Ø: down to 45 mm

LW X 500

L: up to 520 mm

Ø: down to 50 mm

LW X 600

L: up to 620 mm

Ø: down to 55 mm

LW X 700

L: up to 720 mm

Ø: down to 60 mm

LW X 800

L: up to 820 mm

Ø: down to 65 mm

LW X 900

L: up to 920 mm

Ø: down to 70 mm

LW X 1000

L: up to 1020 mm

Ø: down to 75 mm

LW X 1100

L: up to 1120 mm

Ø: down to 80 mm

LW X 1200

L: up to 1220 mm

Ø: down to 85 mm

LW X 1300

L: up to 1320 mm

Ø: down to 90 mm

LW X 1400

L: up to 1420 mm

Ø: down to 95 mm

LW X 1500

L: up to 1520 mm

Ø: down to 100 mm

LW X 1600

L: up to 1620 mm

Ø: down to 105 mm

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X-Series longitudinal seam welding machines are the result of over 30 years of welding experience at the highest level.

3 years of constant development work in standardization, with the know-how of a world market leader and the feedback from over 1000 successful projects, are revolutionizing welding automation.

Equipped with high-quality, state-of-the-art technology, it provides the platform for all welding requirements.

Their modular design enables the use of all common welding processes.

Thanks to its ergonomic and robust design, the machine has all the features required to perform the most complex welding tasks efficiently and reliably for years to come.


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Revolutionizing welding automation

Now there is a brand new machine control system that offers you all the possibilities of the 21st century and makes you fit for Industry 4.0. The neXt machine controller is part of our welding machines made in Germany. Intelligent I/O sensors, state-of-the-art machine control, intuitive operation and full IOT connectivity take your production to the next level!