Corner Seam Welding Machines

Schnelldorfer CORNERWELD seam welding machines have been designed to weld sheet metal plates in a 90° joint. The precision clamping system with inert gas coverage and advanced OEM control package precisely controls the welding sequence and weld parameters, resulting in the perfect weld for your corners.

CORNERWELD applications include welded corners for food, medical equipment, HVAC drip pans, electrical enclosures, and laboratory furniture. Complex inward and outward flanges can be accommodated with custom made tooling pieces. A wide range of materials can be welded, including Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Aluminium. Complete welded parts do not require any costly grinding, polishing or blending thus greatly saving on manufacturing costs.


  • Perfect discolouration free corners
  • Modular tooling

Application examples:

Corner One 160/320

  • Cost-optimized basic machine
  • High-quality technology
  • Easy operation
  • TIG welding methods

Application examples:


  • Pneumatic safety clamping system
  • Faster workpiece clamping
  • No need for post weld grinding and polishing

Application examples:


  • wide variety
  • intuitiv user guidance
  • no post processing

Application examples:


Our products are used in a wide range of industrial sectors by companies worldwide.

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We invite you to study the various applications which can be accommodated by our machines.

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