The heart of our circumferential seam welding machines is a combination of passion and precision. We set the standard for excellence and innovation with our precise, servomotor-driven rotary axis and our comprehensive circumferential seam welding control system.

Every movement is an expression of our dedication to perfection, every detail a testimony to our tireless search for excellence. Because we believe that true masterpieces can only be created when technology and passion go hand in hand.

Experience the power of precision and the beauty of craftsmanship with our circumferential seam welding machines - where every welded item becomes a work of art and every seam tells a story.

The most reliable way to weld

"Consistency, Reliability, Excellence: Rely on Generation BASIC for Unmatched Welding Performance."



Above-average setting options increase flexibility compared to our market competitors



The machines have been tried and tested for decades and offer unparalleled reliability



Significant increase in system speed compared to conventional systems



Our machines are manufactured 100% in Germany



Consistently implemented improvement processes of the machines are reflected in the unique repeatability

Different sizes, different needs

Machine capacities

RW D0200 L0500 HW032

L: up to 500 mm

L: up to 800°

RW D0200 L1100 HW032

L: up to 1100 mm

L: up to 800°

RW D0200 L2300 HW032

L: up to 2300 mm

L: up to 800°

RW D0200 L3300 HW032

L: up to 3300 mm

L: up to 800°

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ROTAWELD is more than just a platform - it is your reliable partner for a wide range of challenges in circumferential seam welding. With a precise, servomotor-driven rotary axis and comprehensive circumferential seam welding control, our machine system provides you with the basis for outstanding results.

Whether it's the size of the machine, the mounting of components, the welding technology, the torch holders or the integration of additional axes - ROTAWELD focuses on your individual requirements. Every detail is carefully tailored to your needs and the requirements of your customers to ensure maximum performance and customer satisfaction.

Discover the endless possibilities of circumferential seam welding with ROTAWELD and be inspired by our team's passion and commitment to excellence.


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Welcome to the world of simple and convenient welding machine control with our BASIC generation

Our BASIC control redefines the entry into our UI portfolio by integrating the power source and providing a clear text display. This enables an uncomplicated and convenient entry into the world of welding machine control.

With our intuitive user interface and clear text display, operators can quickly and easily make the desired settings without having to wade through complex menus. The integration of the power source makes installation a breeze and minimizes the effort required for commissioning.

Whether you are an experienced professional or a newcomer to the world of welding machine control, the BASIC generation offers you the convenience and performance you need to achieve your production goals.